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Filipino Virtual Assistant Categories

  • General Virtual Assistants
  • Emails, calendars, data entry, your General Virtual Assistant will be able to assist you will a whole host of personal and professional tasks to raise your productivity and efficiency.
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Need to drive more traffic, create blog posts, or start an outbound campaign? A Sales & Marketing Virtual Assistant is waiting to get started on finding you more clients.
  • Web/Mobile Development
  • The origin of outsourcing… Web and mobile development are both ideal tasks for outsourcing.
  • Customer Service
  • Wonder how Virtual Valley manages customer interactions? Exactly… with Customer Service Virtual Assistants.
  • Graphic Design
  • Need to design a website, infographic or Instagram post? Graphic Design Virtual Assistants eat these tasks for breakfast.
  • Video
  • Planning to utilise video in your business or marketing strategy? Video Virtual Assistants can film, edit and direct.
  • Finance
  • Need support with bookkeeping, payroll or invoicing support? Finance Virtual Assistants have extensive experience with Xero, Quickbooks and Freshbooks among many others.

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Speed Of Hiring

We believe that time is far more valuable than money, which is why the Virtual Valley experience has been optimised to minimise your time investment. A couple of our early adopters have labelled us as "like Amazon 1-Click... but for people".

Due to our streamlined user experience and our unique 5 Step Recruitment Process, you can be up and running with a new Virtual Assistant in 5 minutes and 7 clicks, with no minimum hourly commitment.

Achieve Freedom

Virtual Valley provides a payment escrow service and proprietary Time Tracking software to every Entrepreneur that hires a Filipino Virtual Assistant to ensure quality and add clarity to the outsourcing process.

We provide these services after the connection has been made to ensure that all the Entrepreneurs that use our platform achieve the freedom they deserve.

Virtual Valley has given us a level of service never experienced before in our work with a outsourcing company.

Arthur Radtke - More Prospects Now

Educating Growth

Through our daily podcast, regular blog posts and "After Hire" content, Virtual Valley aims to educate all of our entrepreneurs in outsourcing, systems and growth of online businesses.

As we make our journey from startup to established business, we want to share all of the lessons we learn with our Entrepreneurs to enable them to grow at the same rapid rate.

Virtual Valley's Virtual Assistants were able to begin and execute my game plan right from the start.

Chris Thompson - Dasright

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